Fropie Summer Pack



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Raw Almonds (300 g)

2 Lemon & Ginger Kombucha (330 ml x 2 pcs)

2 Mint Kombucha (330 ml x 2 pcs)

Roasted Bean Coffee – Finca La Mora, Honduras (250 g)

2 Cashew & Chia Probiotic Bars (35gx 2 pcs)


We are here with a one-to-one package for hot summer days! You can cool off by preparing your iced coffee with the richly flavored Finca La Mora, and you can use raw almonds, which is a light summer snack, in your smoothies. You can you can easily consume at any time of the day, and you can eat relax with Fropie Lemon & Ginger and Mint Kombucha, which healthy on the beach, on vacation or on the road while meeting your probiotic needs with delicious Cashew & Chia probiotic bars.