Fropie Special Pack



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Hibiscus & Clove Kombucha (330 ml)

Roasted Bean Coffee – Finca San Jose Buena Vista, Guatemala (250 g)

Macadamia Nuts (80 g)

2 Peanut & Cocoa Probiotic Bars (35 gx 2 pcs)

Our special package where you can try various Fropie flavors together! In addition to the richly flavored Finca San Jose Buena Vista coffee, our favorite snack, potassium and antioxidant source, Fropie Peanut Probiotic Bar. With Fropie Hibiscus and Clove Kombuchayou can easily consume with its 100% natural formula, , whichand Macadamia Hazelnut, which stands out with its antioxidant properties.