Fropie San José Roasted Specialty Coffee Bean – Guatemala-250g


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Fropie San José Roasted Specialty Coffee Bean – Guatemala


The San José region, located in the volcanic Alotenango district of Antigua,  provides a pleasant, balanced, superior aroma with a sweet distinct taste, thanks to its volcanic soils rich in minerals. Known for the production of the best quality coffees in the world, production in the Alotenango region continues in line with the traditional and intricate methods of Don Adolfo. Surrounded by magnificent mountains, this region also boasts breath-taking views of the Fuego and Angua volcanoes. Today, the San Jose Buena Vista farm is controlled by Jose Adolfo Hernandez, son of Don Adolfo Hernandez. Jose Adolfo Hernandez oversees all production processes himself, guaranteeing high-quality Antigua coffees that are distinct in taste and flavor. All harvested coffee cherries are carefully hand-picked from trees with the bright, fresh and ripe coffee cherries with a delicate dark red appearance separated for packaging.


Ingredients:100% Arabica, Roasted Bean Specialty Coffee Guatemala

1) Producer: Niculau Minami

2) Species: Red Catuai, Yellow Catuai, Guara, Catuai, 2SL & Mundo Novo

3) Type: 100% Arabica

4) Processing Method: Natural

5) Altitude: 1160 meters

6) Region: Cerrado Mineiro

7) Cupping Score:84.00

8) Cupping Notes: Chocolate, Caramel and Hazelnut

9) Acidity: High

10) Body: Medium

11) Harvest Period: May-August

12) Supplier: Voicevale Specialty

13) Net Weight: 250 g