Fropie Probiotic Kombucha- Mix Fermented Tea 6 x330 ml



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Hibiscus & Clove Kombucha (330 ml)

Classic Kombucha (330 ml)

Lemon & Ginger Kombucha (330 ml)

Lavender Kombucha (330 ml)

Mint Kombucha (330 ml)

Spiced Kombucha (330 ml)

We’ve rounded up your favorite kombucha flavors, from refreshing mint to calming lavender! A unique source of vegan probiotics, kombucha is a refreshing beverage made by fermenting black and green tea. Helps support your immune and digestive system thanks to the beneficial microorganisms, amino acids and vitamins that emerge during the fermentation process! Fropie Kombucha, which you can easily consume with its 100% additive-free and natural formula, is also a supporter of your holistic health thanks to its antioxidant components.