Fropie Probiotic Introductory Pack



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Brazil Nut & Chia Probiotic Bar (35 g)

Almond & Cocoa Probiotic Bar(35 g)

Cashew & Chia Probiotic Bar (35 g)

Peanut & Cocoa Probiotic Bar(35 g)

Hibiscus & Clove Kombucha (330 ml)

Classic Kombucha (330 ml)

Lemon & Ginger Kombucha (330 ml)

Lavender Kombucha (330 ml)

Mint Kombucha (330 ml)

Spicy (Cinnamon, Clove, Cardamom) Kombucha (330 ml)

Here is the Fropie Probiotic Introductory Package, where you can experience all aspects of probiotics! We have gathered the different flavors of this super duo, which helps support your immune and digestive system with the live microorganisms it contains, in a single box.