Fropie Finca La Mora Roasted Ground Specialty Coffee – Honduras-250 g



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Carlos Roberto Hernandez is one of the first producers to invest in quality coffee in the Ocotepeque region and has only Obata and Pacas type coffee trees available in his farm. With its harsh conditions, pink-colored excessive clay soil and dry microclimate this was an unthinkable region for a coffee plantation in previous years. Overcoming all of these difficulties, Carlos Roberto Hernandez now produces exquisite, aromatic and bodied coffees in Finca La Mora.

Cafesmo is a processing station that aims to positively change the lives of coffee producer families in Ocotepeque and adopts environmental sustainability as a principle. Cafesmo can perform wet and dry processing, and thanks to its 145 stakeholders, 23 different small groups receive all kinds of technical support.

The town of Mercedes is home to many different and unique microclimates, as it is located in the continental wind transition area of ​​the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Coffee farms in Ocotepeque generally have claylike rugged soil and contain completely organic components. Most of the farms are surrounded by cypress trees that protect the coffee trees from strong winds, and act as a good shade for the coffee trees.


Ingredients: 100% Arabica, Roasted Ground Specialty Coffee Honduras

1) Producer: Carlos Roberto Hernandez

2) Species: Obata, Pacas

3) Type: 100% Arabica

4) Processing Method: Natural

5) Altitude: 1100 – 1800 meters

6) Region: Ocotepeque

7) Cupping Score: 85.75

8) Cupping Notes : Honey, Plum, Floral Flavors and Black Grape

9) Acidity: Medium

10) Body: Plump

11) Harvest Period: January – February

12) Supplier: Voicevale Specialty

13) Net Weight: 250 g