Fropie Fazenda Olhos D’agua Roasted Ground Specialty Coffee – Brazil-250 g



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Fropie Fazenda Olhos D’agua Roasted Ground Specialty Coffee – Brazil


Goro Minami was 11 years old when he arrived in Brazil after a long 2-month cruise with his family in 1927. Like the 250,000 Japanese immigrants who sought to make an income with coffee, the Minami family had immigrated to Brazil. However, they soon came face to face with the reality. Until 1940, Goro, who had saved money by working at other coffee farms, bought his first coffee farm with his wife Mitsuyo in 1940. When the frost disaster in the Parana region in 1975 affected the coffee harvest, his son Niculau left the family and settled in the Cerrado Mineiro region and started to grow coffee there. Niculau Minami, renowned as the youngest coffee farmer in the region, gradually expanded his business and started coffee farming in an area of ​​210 hectares. All hard work paid off and the coffee grown by Niculau Minami was ranked first at the Cup of Excellence Awards in Brazil in 2016. According to Yuki Minami, who is in charge of the 3rd generation, the most important element behind their quality is the agricultural techniques that have been passed on to them from their grandfather Goro Minami and the passion of a family that has devoted their lives to coffee.


Ingredients:100% Arabica, Roasted Ground Specialty Coffee Brazil

1) Producer: Niculau Minami

2) Species : Red Catuai, Yellow Catuai, Guara, Catuai, 2SL & Mundo Novo

3) Type: 100% Arabica

4) Processing Method: Natural

5) Altitude: 1160 meters

6) Region: Cerrado Mineiro 

7 ) Cupping Score: 84.00

8) Cupping Notes: Chocolate, Caramel and Hazelnut 

9) Acidity: High

10) Body: Medium

11) Harvest Period: May-August

12) Supplier: Voicevale Specialty

13) Net Weight: 250 g